Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vacation photos...

Most of the time vacation photos are only interesting to the people who were ON the vacation.  I think that is because the photos help us remember how we felt while on a great trip.  To a friend, the photos are just meaningless images of landscapes or landscapes with a person standing in front of them (smile).  Now, that doesn't mean I think all vacation photos are uninteresting!  I've seen vacation photos that tell a great story, are stunningly beautiful or hysterically funny.  

That being said, my husband and I recently visited Niagara Falls, Canada and then stopped in Buffalo, New York on our return trip.  We had a lovely time and I snapped a variety of photos to "document" our trip.  After reviewing the RAW images, I found about 2 dozen that I felt would make a good collection for us to look back on and remember our trip.  

The images below were taken at the Falls and at a small botanical garden near the Falls.  I especially loved the strange flowers with the vibrant colors we saw at the garden.


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