Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fall 2013

It's been a beautiful Autumn and I captured some amazing images during this lovely season.  My hometown of Tiffin ALWAYS shines during the season of Fall.  Our little town is so picturesque and the perfect place for taking photos.  

While I promised myself last Fall that I would NOT overbook myself, I still managed to squeeze in quite a few sessions.  I planned to blog about each session... but that didn't happen (yep, that little thing called a full time job kind of got in the way :-).  So, instead, check out a sampling of my Fall sessions below!

Derek and Nicole's Engagement Session
My nephew and his fiancĂ© look AMAZING... we're talking MODEL material here!  Not only are they super adorable, but they are both smart, kind and so in love.  Taking their engagement photos was a joy!

The Bumb Kids
My friend's have such adorable children and these 3 are prime examples!  Just look at those faces... super dee duper cuties!!

Mollie's Senior Session
Oh Mollie, I didn't think we could top our many previous sessions... but then, we did!   This girl is an absolute natural in front of my camera and she has been there a LOT.  She is my "go to" model when I get a new lens or camera.  I can always count on Mollie for a spur of the moment "hey, let's go take pictures" even if that means playing in the snow!  This young lady is beautiful on the outside, but honestly, it's because her inner beauty is shining through!  AND to top it off, there was this AMAZING light shining through the trees the eventing we did her session.  I was in heaven!

Theresa's Fall Senior Session
I have know Theresa a LONG time.  She was in my first grade many years ago.  I can hardly believe she is a senior this year!  The spunky little girl I knew has grown up into a beautiful young woman.  

Matt and Amy's Engagement Session
My dear friend Amy has found the perfect partner and is getting married!  I had such a fun morning handing out with her and Matt in their backyard.  It was a bit chilly that morning so there were a few "warm up" breaks, but that didn't stop us from getting some great photos.  These 2 are so in love and that made taking their photos EASY!  It's always fun to be around people in LOVE!