Monday, September 22, 2014

August and September

August and September are always crazy busy for me.  School starts back up and my free time is really limited.  However, I did manage to take some great photos!  That being said, you can see what I've been working on below.  A little bit of this... a little bit of that!

Photos of my amazing 7th grade nephew at his Jr. High football game!

A senior sessions with a GREAT guy... and we're not done yet!  He is totally into cars and I'll be doing another "car" session with him soon!

My niece, the lovely Marissa, jumped into a few photos during Drew's senior session.  They are SUPER cute!!

A fun ballet session with a friend / colleague's daughter!  She is beautiful inside and out!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Amy and Matt June 2014

June is a popular month for weddings!  This year, my husband and I were invited to 3 weddings on the same day!!

My friend Amy's wedding took place on the campus of Heidelberg University.  It was a lovely wedding with lots of special and unique touches that made the day very reflective of the bride and groom's personalities and interests!

 ...and while I have no desire to ever be a wedding photographer, it was fun snapping photos of my friend on her wedding day!

I hope you enjoy a little peak at Amy and Matt's amazing wedding!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jacob's First Communion

Me... on the day of my first communion (taken in the early 70's at a local store where you sat on a rug covered table and they snapped your photo - the original is all shades of muddy red).  Despite the low resolution photo, I do remember feeling happy in my first communion dress and veil.  On my first communion day, my godparents gave me a little white mass booklet, which until last Wed., I kept in my jewelry box.

Last Wed. I met my godson and nephew, Jacob, at the same church where I made my first communion.  Can it really be almost 40 years later?!  Jacob is an amazing little boy in so many ways!  He is loving, happy, smart, caring and competitive!  I love him dearly and am honored to be his godmother.  I know his first communion day will be special and I'll be there to support him.

Our little photo session was kind of a "spur of the moment" type of activity that just happened to turn out PERFECTLY!

I can't believe how grown up he looks in his suit and dress shoes!    ...and yes, that little white mass book is now his.  The pictures are a little outdated, but the content is still pretty much the same.  I love how he posed with the little book in many of the photos!  He knows just how to make an Aunt feel special and loved!

 Happy First Communion Day Jacob!
Love, Aunt Lisa

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ah, it feels good to be shooting photos again!  

It felt great to be snapping some photos today at my niece's basketball game!  She's going to be 5 in May and it's always fun to watch the littlest people play any kind of sport.  I remember when her big sister played soccer and would run off the field in the middle of the game because she "was hungry and needed a snack!"  It's always REALLY fun to watch those little ones get out there and do their thing!  

Megan was running up and down the court (with a big smile on her face as she ran past us... making sure we were all watching her) and shooting baskets like a pro.  I took some action shots, but since I don't have the right equipment or skills for that, I never like them.  I'll leave the action shots to her Uncle Jeff (who is spectacular at action photography)!  I did get some photos that captured the event in a way that I am much more comfortable with... 

Hooray for Megan... who can play a basketball game and still strike some great poses for her Aunt Lisa when the game is over.  She is multi-talented for sure!

*Click on the first photo to view in a slideshow (larger view).

After the game!  Big smile for Aunt Lisa!

Getting some support from Mommy!

Grandpa cheers for Megan!


After the game

Uncle Don came to watch (and a photo bomb by brother Jake)!

Big hug from Daddy after the game!

After the game... hey, it's snowing!

Looking all cute after the game!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Family Photo Session...

I'm enjoying all these lovely winter days.  Most people are "hating" winter, but I love the snow and chilly weather.  Way back in September, I did a family photo session for MY OWN family.  It's always a bit stressful to take the pictures and the be IN the photos!  I have no idea what I'm getting as I just keep clicking my remote (hoping that everyone is looking forward and smiling).  While there are plenty of out takes, I did manage to get a few nice shoots.

So, for all those people who are "so over winter", take a look at these sunny images taken when it was about 75-80 degrees.