Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ah, it feels good to be shooting photos again!  

It felt great to be snapping some photos today at my niece's basketball game!  She's going to be 5 in May and it's always fun to watch the littlest people play any kind of sport.  I remember when her big sister played soccer and would run off the field in the middle of the game because she "was hungry and needed a snack!"  It's always REALLY fun to watch those little ones get out there and do their thing!  

Megan was running up and down the court (with a big smile on her face as she ran past us... making sure we were all watching her) and shooting baskets like a pro.  I took some action shots, but since I don't have the right equipment or skills for that, I never like them.  I'll leave the action shots to her Uncle Jeff (who is spectacular at action photography)!  I did get some photos that captured the event in a way that I am much more comfortable with... 

Hooray for Megan... who can play a basketball game and still strike some great poses for her Aunt Lisa when the game is over.  She is multi-talented for sure!

*Click on the first photo to view in a slideshow (larger view).

After the game!  Big smile for Aunt Lisa!

Getting some support from Mommy!

Grandpa cheers for Megan!


After the game

Uncle Don came to watch (and a photo bomb by brother Jake)!

Big hug from Daddy after the game!

After the game... hey, it's snowing!

Looking all cute after the game!

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