Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Nephew's Senior Pictures... Summer Session

My nephew and I spent 3 hours shooting photos this morning... he had asked "how long" and I told him 1-2 hours (I knew he would freak out if I told him how long I REALLY thought it would take (smile).  He was a really good sport and I got some wonderful pictures!  My first "look through" is always tough as I want to delete enough that I'm dealing with a "reasonable" number (and not 400 pictures).  It's hard to delete when each picture shows a little different personality... but I managed to get it down to around 200.  We went to 6 locations and he had 5 clothing changes (torture for a high school boy - smile).  It was totally worth it! I'll be posting some of the best shots below as I get them done... starting with the one on the right. Here's to the Seniors of 2012!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Senior Pictures

My nephew was a good sport when I told him I wanted to try some winter senior pictures this past Feb.  He will actually be a senior this upcoming school year and we'll be doing some more photos later this week!  I had so much fun photographing him on a cold, wintery Feb. day!  He went along with whatever I asked... take off your coat (even though it is FREEZING out!)... smile and look to the left (even though the freezing snow is beating on your face)... he did it all and we got some great shots.  I think he'll be a lot more comfortable during the next session (as there will not be a chance of sleet stabbing his face :-).  I hope to capture his wonderful personality... sweet, kind, silly, playful and wonderful!  

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was cleaning out some files in iPhoto and came across these collages that I made some time ago.  I love being able to "artistically" combine photos into a collage.  If I want to use the photo in my home, it's an easy way to make sure I have a little reminder of each person.  More importantly, I love seeing all the different expressions and personalities in each one of the photos as they sit side by side.  A busy collage (like the Fun Fall Collage posted below) always makes me smile as I remember the events that each little picture captured - each one it's own little "moment".  The more formal collages allow me to focus on each person individually.  A silly grin... a shy smile... or mischievousness is easily seen on their beautiful faces!  As I share these collages with my family, I hope they will look back on them in the future and see what I see... beautiful, silly, funny, lovely and incredible faces!  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Before the Dance

My nieces and nephews are growing up so fast!  Two of them are now old enough to be going to dances and proms!  I can remember taking silly pictures of them when they were little and now they are becoming young adults.  As you can see, they are quite comfortable in front of my camera... as I've been snapping photos of them their whole lives!  I'm a bit biased but my nephew has grown into such a handsome young man and my niece is exceptionally beautiful (in their adoring Aunt's opinion anyway!).  I'll be doing my nephew's senior (yikes... can't believe he'll be a senior this upcoming school year!) pictures in the next few weeks... and I'm really looking forward to capturing his personality and handsome features in some great photos!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just getting started...

Hello!  I am a teacher who also has a love of photography!  I love photographing people... and when they are comfortable and just enjoying a moment in time, I can "trap" that moment in a picture.
I have always LOVED pictures.  I can remember looking through our family albums as a child and remembering all the fun things we did and places we went.  My family often teases me about remembering all our childhood events and talking about them when we all get together.
That being said, I am now the "family photographer" by my own choice.  It's a creative outlet and it is so much fun!  Yes, I document all the birthday parties, holidays and special events.  I take the senior pictures, the before prom pictures and the "no reason at all" pictures.  My nieces and nephews expect me to have my camera... and when I arrived at a baseball game the other night, my niece said "where is your camera?" and started looking around for it (my little bike pouch is NOT big enough for my camera! :-)
A few weeks ago, I photographed a dear friend and her family as a "baby gift".  I had an amazing time and I hope I captured their "moment in time" just right so that when her daughter flips through the family photo album, she will have fun remembering that moment in her life!