Thursday, May 31, 2012


May means graduations... and this year, we had 2 special graduations.  My niece graduated from 8th grade and my nephew (her older brother) graduated from High School.

I remember my 8th grade graduation because it was so very special.  My dad was one of the 8th grade teachers (and my homeroom teacher) and he, along with the other teachers, made our final year at the k-8 building so memorable.  We had a special dinner at a fancy restaurant (after we were taught how to use all the flatware at school... this was my introduction to multiple forks and spoons!), a dance (complete with a rotating mirror ball), a trip to Cedar Point (who doesn't want to spend a school day running around an amusement park and riding roller coasters?),  "professional" photographs  and finally, the graduation ceremony.  They made us feel like adults and we loved every minute of it!

The pictures of my niece were taken the night of her dinner/dance.  My nephew's pictures were taken on graduation day (it was over 90 degrees and the school does not have air conditioning... it was HOT, but I think my nephew was too happy to care!).

I have a LOT of photo sessions booked for this summer and fall... most of them are Seniors and a few are families.  I'm looking forward to taking lots of great photos and hopefully, sharing some of them on this blog!

Monday, May 7, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary, Miller Family

This past Saturday I had a photo session with the Miller family.  This was, by far, the largest group I've photographed.  There were 19 people and included 4 generations.  I was a bit nervous about working with so many people at one time, but I didn't need to be.  The Miller family was amazing!

I was first contacted by the anniversary couple's daughter, who is the mother of 2 of my former first graders.  I loved having both these girls in my first grade class and now they are all grown up... and one of them has 3 children!  Can I really be old enough that some of my former students have children of their own?!  This seems impossible... wasn't it just the other day they were little ones themselves?   My how fast time goes by!

The day of our session was perfect... sunny, blue skies and a moderate temperature.  We met at Hedges Boyer park in Tiffin.  At first I was a little concerned because some of my favorite spots were WAY too sunny (no one wants a group of "squinty" eyes in their photos!), but then I found a nice shady spot near the creek.  The Millers probably didn't know this, but I had a mini photo shoot with my nephew and his prom date about 30 minutes before they arrived.  Yes, my camera was "on fire" (one of my oldest friends responded to my "on fire" post on Facebook stating that she would call me "Katniss Rombach"... she is hilarious).  (If you haven't read the Hunger Games, this is a reference to a character in the book.)

I really enjoyed working with the Miller family.  Everyone was so cooperative and relaxed.  One of my favorite photos is posted below.  I told the group to look at each other.  This, of course, makes everyone start laughing because no one knows who to look at.  I think I even heard someone make a remark about being like the opening of the Brady Bunch show!  I love when I can capture people really having fun with their families.  These spontaneous pictures are the ones that really come alive when you look at them.

After we finished the group shots, I wanted to take a few of just the anniversary couple.  Cordell and Deanna were absolutely ADORABLE!!  I know, we always think small children are adorable, but for me, couples who have been married 50 years, just melt my heart.  You can literally FEEL the love these 2 people share.  I love how they hold hands, I love how they put their arms around each other, I love how they LOOK at each other, I love how sweet it is when they kiss... let's face it, I LOVED photographing these 2 incredible people.  I hope you can see what I'm describing in the photos below.

I'm sure anyone who looks at these pictures can see what a wonderful family Cordell and Deanna have created!  I'm honored that they trusted me to capture this very special moment in their lives.

P.S.  I have to give a little "shout out" to my niece Kate.  She was an incredible photographer's assistant on this shoot!  Thanks Kate!!

I posted this one above... but I love it with the little color blocks 
(thanks Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog for this nifty little action!).

My niece Kate... a most EXCELLENT photographer's assistant!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kate's First Communion

My niece made her first communion last week end.  This is always a very special event for a second grader.   While I don't really remember my first communion ceremony, I do remember my mom taking me to a local department store for a photograph (I've posted it below... oh my, check out those teeth!).  I also remember receiving a little white prayer book that I still have today.

I planned to have a little photo session with my niece the day before her actual first communion.  The day was absolutely miserable... a mix of snow and rain, gloomy and cold.  That meant we had to take most of the photos inside the church.  I am NOT a fan of flash photography, but we made the best of it.

My niece was ADORABLE!  She really got into it and even suggested a few of the poses.  My sister, her Godmother, found her own first communion dress and gave it to my niece.  It fit perfectly and we took photos of her wearing both dresses... what 2nd grader doesn't want to dress up in fancy dresses and have her picture taken?  She was loving it (OK, it was pretty cold out and she wasn't happy having pictures taken on the porch, but I just had to do a FEW with some good natural light!).

You will notice that a few pictures below are just "details"... her sweet little shoes, an  earring (one of the pair given to my sister in law by my brother the night before their wedding) and her sparkly tiara.  I love capturing special little details that will be reminders of her special day.

While I think she is beautiful in every picture, I especially love the black and white photos.  Some of the BW photos were taken (thanks to my husband who tag teamed with me so I could capture stills and video) on the day of her first communion (which was a beautiful day... thank goodness).  They may not be as crisp as I like, but I love how they capture a few moments of that day.

Thanks for stopping by... I hope you enjoy the photos!