Thursday, May 31, 2012


May means graduations... and this year, we had 2 special graduations.  My niece graduated from 8th grade and my nephew (her older brother) graduated from High School.

I remember my 8th grade graduation because it was so very special.  My dad was one of the 8th grade teachers (and my homeroom teacher) and he, along with the other teachers, made our final year at the k-8 building so memorable.  We had a special dinner at a fancy restaurant (after we were taught how to use all the flatware at school... this was my introduction to multiple forks and spoons!), a dance (complete with a rotating mirror ball), a trip to Cedar Point (who doesn't want to spend a school day running around an amusement park and riding roller coasters?),  "professional" photographs  and finally, the graduation ceremony.  They made us feel like adults and we loved every minute of it!

The pictures of my niece were taken the night of her dinner/dance.  My nephew's pictures were taken on graduation day (it was over 90 degrees and the school does not have air conditioning... it was HOT, but I think my nephew was too happy to care!).

I have a LOT of photo sessions booked for this summer and fall... most of them are Seniors and a few are families.  I'm looking forward to taking lots of great photos and hopefully, sharing some of them on this blog!

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