Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bloomberg Family

Summer has arrived and I had my first photo session of the season with the Bloomberg Family.  Linda and I have been colleagues since I started teaching and while we don't see each other often (she teaches Jr. High and I am in the elementary), we have always found time to chat.  I had not met her children or husband, so I was excited to finally put some faces with the names I've heard over the years!

We met on the campus of Heidelberg University.  It was a VERY hot day, but by the early evening, it was breezy and not too humid.  To be honest, it was still pretty hot out, but the Bloomberg family didn't seem to mind (and you can see below that it doesn't show in their pictures).

It was a fun session!  Everyone was relaxed and I got some amazing photos of this beautiful family.  While this was considered a family session, Linda and her husband are also celebrating a special wedding anniversary (I wish I could remember the number... ).  You can see in the photos below that these two people adore each other.  They have created an incredible family and it's obvious how much they care about each other and their children.  It was really a joy to spend a few hours with them!

Check out the pictures below and I'm sure you'll see what I mean!

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