Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was cleaning out some files in iPhoto and came across these collages that I made some time ago.  I love being able to "artistically" combine photos into a collage.  If I want to use the photo in my home, it's an easy way to make sure I have a little reminder of each person.  More importantly, I love seeing all the different expressions and personalities in each one of the photos as they sit side by side.  A busy collage (like the Fun Fall Collage posted below) always makes me smile as I remember the events that each little picture captured - each one it's own little "moment".  The more formal collages allow me to focus on each person individually.  A silly grin... a shy smile... or mischievousness is easily seen on their beautiful faces!  As I share these collages with my family, I hope they will look back on them in the future and see what I see... beautiful, silly, funny, lovely and incredible faces!  

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