Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Nephew's Senior Pictures... Summer Session

My nephew and I spent 3 hours shooting photos this morning... he had asked "how long" and I told him 1-2 hours (I knew he would freak out if I told him how long I REALLY thought it would take (smile).  He was a really good sport and I got some wonderful pictures!  My first "look through" is always tough as I want to delete enough that I'm dealing with a "reasonable" number (and not 400 pictures).  It's hard to delete when each picture shows a little different personality... but I managed to get it down to around 200.  We went to 6 locations and he had 5 clothing changes (torture for a high school boy - smile).  It was totally worth it! I'll be posting some of the best shots below as I get them done... starting with the one on the right. Here's to the Seniors of 2012!!


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