Monday, July 4, 2011

Still working on those Senior Pictures

Ok... I am still working on my nephew's senior pictures.  Every time I think I'm done, I find another shot that looks amazing and it lures me into photoshop yet again.  That being said, my fingers are actually getting sore so I really need to take a break.  I am just having so much fun trying out different effects and playing with the compositions.  Not that my nephew will even notice (smile)... he was most concerned to get the pictures I shot of him with his girlfriend (I took a few photos of them during the shoot as his request).  His exact words were "can you text me those pictures Aunt Lisa?"   That just makes me laugh!  I'm sure the rest of the family will appreciate my "art" work (smile).   I am posting a few more shots... and one is purely for my own entertainment!  It is so "17 year old boy is so done taking photos"!

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