Monday, July 25, 2011

One photo... lots of looks!

Today I have been working on taking one photo and applying various effects.  Photoshop allows me to apply various effects to a photo and then to raise or lower the amount of the effect.  What is so interesting about this is that a photo can end up looking VERY different from the original shot.  I think a lot of us are used to seeing color and black/white effects.  However, there are literally hundreds of effects to apply to a photograph and thousands of looks that can be achieved based on how much or little of this effect is applied.  I worked on a photo of my friend and her daughter today. The first photo shows regular editing, the second shows a version of black/white (it is more of a chocolate filter), the third is a combination of 2 color brightening filters and the last shows a muted, softened effect.  I love seeing how the different effects change the look of the photo without changing the subjects.  ...and I'm still working on before/afters so I posted another of those as well.  You can see that I've applied various effects to the original photo in the "after" version.

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