Thursday, July 28, 2011

Before.... before and after

The first "before" in post title is because I am posting a photo that was taken "before" I learned how to edit in photoshop and was only using my D40's kit lens (which still takes great photos BTW!).  I was thinking about this family photo that I took for a friend.  I love the photo as it almost seems to have some "action".  Check out the little one trying to "escape" - I love that the moment is real... little ones don't like to sit still, they are always on the move and often don't "hold still".  This photo shows that perfectly.  ...and even better, the parents were relaxed and not trying to force the kids to sit for the perfect picture.  So, what we got was THIS perfect picture!  It is still one of my favorites and I had a great time hanging out with this family on a crispy fall day.  I still like the original photo, but I REALLY like the updated edited version.

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