Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lot to learn...

I have learned so many things this summer... how to set up a blog, how to edit HTML code (still a beginner on this!!), how to use clipping masks, how to edit using actions, how to use storyboards and frames, how to save photos for web display vs. printing, how to create transparent images in photoshop, how to adjust my camera for aperture and ISO... and the list continues to grow! Right this moment, I am learning about the difference between prime and telephoto lenses... and that there are way too many choices even if I know I want a prime lens vs. the telephoto!  I am ready to add a new lens to my collection, but deciding what to get next has been overwhelming!   Every time I think I've made a decision, I learn some new bit of information and then I'm not sure again!  Eeek!  No matter what I decided, it will be a challenge to learn how to best utilize its features.  That's part of the fun :-).  
Today I'm just posting some Senior picture collages that I've been putting together for my nephew and for Samantha.  I love the photos individually, but there is something special about a grouping.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as well!

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