Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Trailer

I am a tech junkie... I admit it... my husband often complains that I'm "always on the computer"... he just doesn't understand that this nifty little machine allows me to communicate with friends, learn new photography tricks and tips, watch movies, create lessons for my smartboard, download TONS of free educational and photography materials, SHOP for almost anything you can think of and most importantly, edit and create "art" with my photographs!  It's a "one stop shop" for all things techie! That being said, when I shoot photos, I also like to catch some live action with my little Flip HD Video camera.  This cute little camera is EASY to use and with the help of some great Apple software, I can create a trailer or a movie highlighting some action from a photo shoot or an event.  The nieces and nephews have been the "victims" or "benefactors" (depends on how they are feeling that day - smile) of my video obsession.   Yes, all their birthdays, holidays and various activities have been documented with my little flip camera as well as my Nikon.  I hope that they'll have fun watching them when they are all grown up. (although I need to seriously re-think my sound track choices as 2 of my nieces cried through my Easter 2011 movie because they thought the song was "so sad" - the song was Dream by Pricilla Ahn - not a sad song, just kind of sweet in my opinion!  Perfect for egg hunting and Easter outfits.  Maybe they'll feel differently in 20 years!).  Samantha allowed me to shoot some video during her Senior Picture shoot and I'm posting the "trailer" I made below.  I hope it will be a happy memory for her!

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