Monday, July 11, 2011

Samantha's Senior Picture Shoot

Today I had the pleasure of photographing an incredibly beautiful senior!  Samantha and I go way back... and I mean waaaaay back!  In fact, I was talking with her mom on the phone the day she was born... however, when we were chatting, she had not arrived yet, her mom was in labor and her Dad was not home.  Samantha's mom was really calm about the whole thing, but I sure wasn't!  Fast forward six years and this adorable little girl walks into my first grade classroom.  She was adorable and smart and I LOVED being her teacher.  Fast forward again and she is now going to be a senior!  She has grown up to be such a lovely girl.  I absolutely LOVED photographing her today.  We started out early, but it was still hot (even at 8:30am) and by the 
time we finished up, it was blazing hot.  Despite the heat, I got some great shots of Samantha and I can't wait to show you her glowing beauty!  I'm posting one now, but will add more to this post as I get them done.  Thanks Samantha for an amazing shoot!  (p.s. Thanks to Samantha's mom and little brother for being my assistants!)

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