Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Many looks from one photo... continued

I have continued to work on multiple edits on the same photo.  Not only do I think it is interesting to see the same photo edited in a different way, I really like seeing them side by side.  It looks more like "art" to me than just a great portrait.  Thanks to Rita at the CoffeeShop Blog, I have some great frames and storyboards to display my multiple edits.  It seems I find more free photography stuff each day... there are many generous people out there willing to share their talents and materials!  Many of these people also post tutorials in text and video forms to help people like me learn new things!  I told someone the other day that I feel like I've taken a photography class this summer... but, without the big BILL from the bursar's office (BTW, I worked for the Bursar at BGSU for 4 years - smile).  Thank you photographers on the internet for sharing your knowledge, talents and materials!

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