Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time... I need some MORE please!

First of all, I am really blown away by the kind and lovely comments I've received.  It makes me really happy to know that I've captured "moments" in pictures for people that make them feel GREAT and will be a treasured keepsakes!  When I started to really focus on improving my camera skills, my photoshop skills and my editing skills, I really didn't expect that there would be much interest beyond a few close friends and family.  I told one friend that I thought it would be great if I got to shoot 1-2 sessions in a year.    

So, here I am 7 amazing photo sessions later and I'm still blown away by the interest and positive feedback I've received for my photographs.  

Originally, I wanted to offer 2 types of sessions.  A full session that would last between 2-4 hours and would include 32 finely edited images.  I wanted to be able to shoot photos at an event like a birthday party, a family outing, an anniversary celebration etc. (WHAT was I thinking????).  Of course, I came up with this option when I was on "summer break" from teaching first grade.  I know NOW that I couldn't possibly manage more than ONE of these types of sessions during the school year.

The second option was a mini session (thinking this would probably be the most popular type of session - and I was right).  Even with the mini session, I ended up editing way more images that I originally planned... it's hard to stop when your subjects look so AMAZING! :-)  

There had to be a way to melt these 2 sessions into ONE option that would be manageable for me, a good value for my clients and a reasonable time commitment.  

I think I finally came up with the perfect SESSION!  I will offer a photo session for 1-2 hours at one location and edit 15 (OK there might be more sometimes) images.  I LOVE doing multiple effects on the edited images, so I'll just throw those in for free.  This new session is very similar to the mini session and I think it will work out great for ME and my clients.  Wa - La, problem solved.  If you have previously requested my information packet and want to consider a photo sessions with me in the future, please request the new packet.  Of course, if you have already booked a session, I will honor the old sessions and rates.

For those of you who are just reading and viewing my blog, I hope you are enjoying the photographs!  I love sharing my passion for pictures and knowing that others are enjoying them is really rewarding!

Whether you are interested in booking a session with me OR just enjoy visiting my blog, I am thrilled to share with you!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Bird of Paradise... taken on my summer trip to Niagara Falls.


  1. Thank you Educational Resources - so glad you enjoyed visiting my blog!