Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny Family Photo Session

I woke up this morning and looked out to see FOG!!  This was actually better than seeing rain... I cannot do a photo session in the rain (smile).  I was hoping that it would burn off by the time I started taking pictures of the Penny Family... and it did.  It wasn't the bright, sunny morning that I'd hoped for, but it was better than rain!

We met at Hedges Boyer park.  I arrived a little early to check out the lighting and to plan out a few locations to use.  All kinds of memories came flooding back to me...  you see, I spent a lot time at this park when I was a little girl.  I rode my bike from across town to swim at the big, above ground, outdoor pool (back in the 70's it was safe to ride your bike across town to the pool - everyone did it!).  I watched both of my brothers play baseball at various fields in the park.  My family gathered on a big blanket every 4th of July to watch fireworks at this park.   ....and since my Dad worked for the Park Dept. in the summer (when he wasn't teaching), I got to ride around on the back of some contraption that my Dad used to "drag" the baseball fields.   This was GREAT fun with dirt flying everywhere.  Yes, my siblings and I were filthy, but we had a blast! There was also this HUGE (well it looked huge to me then) hill that was always a challenge to climb down... all dirt, roots and plants at a steep, vertical slant.  I remember my parents making me feel so proud when I managed to climb down without any assistance!  So, when I arrived today, I was reminded of all these wonderful memories.   

I had a lovely time with the Penny family.  They are absolutely adorable and so in love with each other!  It was incredibly fun hanging out with them, watching them interact with each other and capturing it with my camera.  Both children were delightful and I loved all their smiles and energy.  Mom and Dad are so comfortable with their children and made the experience fun and light hearted for the kids.  It was pretty soggy from all the rain this week, but that didn't bother this family.  We walked through soggy, wet grass, got dripped on by the trees and the little one lost his shoe and got a wet sock!   No one was bothered a bit... you can tell these parents know how to "go with the flow".  

Now, I do have a school connection to the Penny Family.  The mom's younger sister and brother were in my first grade many years ago.  I remember both of them as wonderful students.  However, I will always remember the sister because of this little story.  It was probably my 3rd or 4th year teaching and this little girl was very worried about me.  You see, she felt I really need to have some children of my own at home.  She just couldn't understand why I didn't have any children.  I explained to her that I wasn't married and that all my students were my "kids" at school.  She looked right into my eyes and said this... "but Mrs. Rombach, if you don't have any kids at home, who will you tuck into bed and kiss goodnight?"  Oh my... she just melted me.  What a kind little heart she had!  This is why teaching first grade is so wonderful - you get to spend time with AMAZING little people who are always "filling up your bucket" (as we say at school when you do something to make others feel great).  

I hope you have as much fun looking at the Penny Family's photos as  I had taking them!

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