Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Nephew's Football Game

My nephew is in 4th grade this year and playing football on a local team.  I wanted to catch a game and see if I could get some good photos as well to document his experience.   He is LOVING it!!

Now, I am no football fan.  I know some basics (I was actually trying to explain some basics to another one of my nephews at the BG football game a while back... I'm OK at the 5 year old level! smile).  Thank goodness my husband got off work in time to come along.  He would say "run over here, he's going to be on defense now" or "move to the other side, he is playing a different position now"!  I got quite the work out chasing him all over the field.  

I shot the photos with my 55-200 telephoto lens, but even with the vibration reduction feature, it was tough to catch the action without some blur.  My lens is not quite "long reaching" enough to get a little boy out on the football field "in action".  Despite this fact, I think he will enjoy having these little "memories" of playing football when he was in 4th grade.  Sometimes, it isn't important that the images are perfect, just that they capture the essence of the event or experience.  That is what I tried to do that night.  

Did they win?  Unfortunately, no.  ...but I don't think they'll worry about it for long.  There will be another game soon and another chance to have some fun!

Would I be willing to do athletic photo sessions for hire?  No way!   I know that it takes a special kind of skill to shoot athletic events and I don't have those skills.  ...however, I think my nieces and nephews will appreciate having some amateur photos of their sporting events (smile)!  By the way, my nephew is #4!!


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