Friday, September 23, 2011

The Parade

Last week end was the annual Heritage Day Festival in Tiffin.  There is always a parade on Saturday morning and I have attended it a variety of times with various nieces and nephews.  One of my nieces is ESPECIALLY fond of the candy that is thrown out.  In fact, I can remember her being very annoyed if there was a lack of candy distributed! (smile)   

I attended this year's parade with my parents, one niece and one nephew.  The kids were excited to see the parade... but were especially ready to "catch" some candy.   The niece who I described above, was actually IN the parade this year (representing her dance studio), but the other 2 were ready!   ...and they were not disappointed.  My nephew, who I think is exceptionally adorable, collected enough candy to fill a trick or treat bag.  I swear, every "candy distributor" who saw him sitting there on the curb, threw candy towards him!  He was LOVING it... in fact, he was so excited about it he told me "I don't want anyone eating my candy". There are 3 other siblings at his house and he wanted it all for himself.(Guess you have to stake your claim in a house with 4 kids!  I should know because I have 3 siblings as well!)  He was actually enjoying some of his "loot" during the parade, but there would be plenty to take home!  

My niece is an amazing dancer and looked like a professional when her group finally came by... I guess they saved the best for last. (smile).  I hope you enjoy seeing a few photos I shot on that morning.  I especially like the photo of my niece sticking her tongue out at me!


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