Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hailee's Summer Senior Pictures

I had another great Senior session this week!   ...and best yet, it was under 90 degrees!  Woo hoo!

We met on the campus of Heidelberg University (one of my favorite spots).   We had a great time... well, once we got past all the construction going on!  There were all kinds of construction vehicles and workers on campus that morning.  However, the work was being done in the parking lots and on the city street, so we were able to find plenty of great spots to shoot photos.

I met Hailee for the first time during our pre-session meeting.  I knew we would have a fun shoot.  She is a sweet, gentle girl with an amazing smile!  Hailee's mom and my mom work together... with pre-school students.  God bless both of them because I can't imagine spending a couple hours with a group of children who are 3 - 4 years old.  That requires AMAZING patience and well, a very special kind of person.  Hailee's mom and my mom do incredible things with those little people and I admire them (and even though I teach small children, pre-schoolers are in a class all by themselves!).

I am posting a variety of photos from my shoot with Hailee.  Some are the clean edits while others are more artistic.  I always have so much fun playing around with the artistic effects after I finish the clean edit.  Sometimes I like the artistic version better than the clean edit!

I know you will enjoy looking at Hailee's pictures... she is such a beautiful girl - inside and out!

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