Sunday, July 15, 2012

McKinley is ONE!

Last year I had the honor of photographing this little girl as a newborn.  She was absolutely precious and is now one year old.  When her mom asked me to take her 1 year photographs, I was really excited.  Miss McKinley is such a bright, inquisitive, adorable little girl.  I knew it would be fun taking her pictures.

We met at Hedges Boyer Park in Tiffin.  It was a bright morning with some hazy clouds to help filter the sun.  It was also under 90 degrees, so it felt downright "cool" compared to my last session (106 degrees!).  McKinley arrived looking alert and ready to "play" at the park.  As a newborn, I was amazed at how intensely she would observe her surroundings... and she has not changed a bit.  She has these enormous blue eyes that are not only incredibly stunning, but are always looking around, taking in the world around her.

I took photos of McKinley all around the park and she was absolutely wonderful.  At only one year old, she sat, stood, was held, climbed on the playground and finally, feasted on birthday cake without becoming cranky at all!!  Our session lasted almost 2 hours and she was a joy to be with the entire time.

Her mom had planned ahead to have me photograph McKinley eating her first birthday cake.  She had never had cake before (or frosting), so we were all excited to see how she would react to all that sugar.  Well, Miss McKinley LOVES frosting... once she figured out that you EAT it.  The cake, however, she rejected and spit out (smile), then dove back into eating more frosting.  Her parents and I had a great time watching her experience all the SUGAR for the first time.  I asked her mom to email me so she could share McKinley's post-sugar reaction.  The result was a 2 hour nap!  I guess she had a sugar crash!

During our session I also did some family photos.  This little family is a joy to photograph.  During our newborn session, they were so relaxed.  I was impressed because they didn't seem like "new" parents.  This session was no different.  I love when I can capture a happy family and McKinley is certainly part of one!!

I am posting a large group of photos from this session.  There were just so many incredible images, I couldn't decide what to leave out.  You will notice that I went a little crazy with some artistic effects and have posted some of those instead of just the clean edits.  It was so much fun to play around with the images after I had done my basic edits.  I hope you enjoy the "artistic" versions as well as the traditional clean edits.

Thanks for visiting!  I hope Miss McKinley made you smile!!

*If you click the first photo, you can view them all slightly larger as a slide show.  Use your arrow keys to scroll through. :-)

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