Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rain Dance...

The title of this post has nothing to do with what you are probably thinking... no one is doing a DANCE to make it RAIN (although maybe the farmers around here feel like doing just that).  What I'm referring to is the theme and day my niece and I decided to get together for a fun little photo shoot.  She is a DANCER and the morning of our photo session, it was raining!  It hasn't rained for quite some time and everything around here has been HOT and DRY... so, we honestly couldn't complain about getting a little MUCH needed wetness!  We were just hoping it would stop so we could take a few photos! :-)

My niece has been dancing since she was 3 years old and is quite amazing.  We've been wanting to have a girl's day for photos, lunch and a little shopping for quite some time and finally found a day we were both free.  While it was raining on and off throughout the morning, my niece didn't mind at all.  We just jumped in and out of the car or took at break at my house when it was too wet to get out.  Despite the weather, I managed to get some INCREDIBLE images of her wearing some of her beautiful dance costumes.  She does many different kinds of dancing and has a variety of costumes for each style.  My favorite this year was the black swan ballet costume.  It is beautiful and she is so stunning in it... so, of course, I took a LOT of pictures of her wearing it!!

When I downloaded a few of the photos, I was shocked at how AMAZING she looked in the image...  not because I didn't think she was going to appear gorgeous (I already KNEW that), but because the images almost looked fake... like I had used photoshop to place her image on a background.  That is just not the case!  She REALLY CAN do the amazing leaps and jumps you see in the photos below.   ... and yes, we really were just hanging out in my neighborhood and downtown Tiffin taking dance photos.

I'm completely biased, but I think these images are some of the best I've done.  Mainly, because my subject is just an incredibly beautiful person.  She just also happens to be my niece and my goddaughter... lucky me!!

I hope you enjoy the lovely images.

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  1. Ballet in nature! Love, love, love these! Absolutely gorgeous!