Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keifer's Senior Pictures

The summer continues to be a HOT one... and the day of Keifer's Senior Picture session was no different.  I arrived at his home early in the morning and was greeted by Keifer and his mom.  Last summer I photographed Keifer's cousin and, while I had previously met his mom, this was my first face to face with Keifer.  What I found was a very intelligent, gentle, handsome young man.  It was really a joy to photograph him!

We began with some photos around the house.  Cute little kittens were scampering around (and even tried to get in some of the photos).  I did snap a few of him with his dog.  It was easy to see that the animals love him!  After some "warm up" shots, we headed down a path behind the house into a woods with a creek.  Keifer drove his 4 wheeler, so I had to snap a few shots of him on the vehicle!  I took one look at the creek in the woods and I'm sure I had a HUGE smile on my face.  The location was incredible!!  Sun was shining through the trees on to the water making it sparkle with light.  The creek was so low, we could walk out into the water or stand on rocks scattered around.  It was MAGICAL!  I asked Keifer to stand in the water, on the rocks, squat down,  hold on to branches, sit in the grass... and he was such a good sport, he did everything with a smile on his face (well, unless I told him NOT to smile)!

Keifer's mom was such a big help during the session!!  It's always great for me when I have an "assistant" to grab the step stool or haul my blue chair around.  I sometimes get so focused on the creative part of framing the photos that it's really helpful having an extra pair of hands to drag around the props!  She was wonderful... and we were both feeling the heat (it didn't seem to bother Keifer a bit).

At the end of the session I realized that Keifer had wanted a few photos wearing his sunglasses... so I grabbed my camera and we took a few more.  I don't think his mom will be using them for his graduation announcements (smile) but they are pretty cool!!

I hope you enjoy viewing some of the photos from my session with Keifer!  I had a great time working with him!!

*To view the photos slightly larger in a slideshow, just click the first photo and use your arrow keys to scroll through.

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