Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dalton's Senior Pictures

I have known Dalton since he was a very little boy... he just happens to be my nephew!  He has grown up to be such an incredibly mature and somewhat serious young man.  I tease him at family functions because he is so calm and quiet.  I often have to coax a smile out of him.  So, when we scheduled his Senior picture session, I figured I'd have to "work hard" to get some REAL smiles and the serious pictures would be no problem.  Well, it turned out to be just the opposite!!  We couldn't get him to STOP smiling (or laughing), which was GREAT!!

I suggested we meet near the Huss St. bridge where it's easy to get down by the Sandusky River.  Normally, I can get some great shots by the edge of the river with the bridge in the background.  This day, however, we could basically walk out into the middle of the river!  The summer has been so dry that the river is incredibly low.  We had  a lot of fun walking around the dry river bed and getting some great photos.

Photographing Senior boys is so much fun!!  They basically wear whatever their moms suggest and pretty much go along with whatever I suggest during the session.  If Dalton was thinking "are we done yet?', I didn't know it.  Even when I suggested a few shots on the bridge (yes, traffic often comes by when I take pictures there), he was very agreeable.

It was a beautiful location and I think it was a great place to show Dalton's personality!

I have to thank Dalton's mom and sister for tagging along and helping with the session!  I am always grateful to have extra hands and eyes to assist during a session!!  We were joking that Dalton and his mom picked out his "outfits" the night before with very little effort.  His sister, on the other hand, would probably start planning her "wardrobe" a year in advance (complete with accessories, of course!).

It was truly a joy to photograph my nephew Dalton!  Thanks Dalton for doing everything I asked AND for acting like it was "fun".  I had a GREAT time... and just think, we get to do it again in the Fall!!

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