Saturday, August 27, 2011

My First Newborn Session... McKinley

I shot my first newborn session today... tiny, baby McKinley.  This little girl is absolutely beautiful and I had so much fun taking her picture.  I have known McKinley's parents for a long, long time... her dad was a member of my very first class 22 years ago and her mom was my jr. high helper when she was in 7th and 8th grade.  Fast forward about 20 years and McKinley's mom gets a teaching degree, subs in my classroom (she was always my sub of choice!) and eventually gets a full time position teaching across the hall from me! (OK, so that does make me feel a little bit "old" - smile).  I was THRILLED when they asked me to take their newborn photos. 

It was a perfect morning and McKinley was the perfect subject!  I honestly expected her to be sleeping most of the time, but it was actually the opposite!  This little one is only 4 weeks old and is taking in the world around her like she is researching it for a dissertation!  She has these AMAZING eyes that are not only gorgeous, but look at you like she actually understands everything you are saying to her.  After our shoot I spent a little time holding miss McKinley and "chatting" with her... and it was mesmerizing - she looked right into my face the whole time I was talking, eyes WIDE open and studying my face.  This is one amazing little girl!  

I hope you enjoy the photos below... I think this family is beautiful, inside and out!!

PS  I'll post more photos as I finish editing them (I know McKinley's Grandma will be happy to see these up so quickly! - smile)


  1. Lisa,
    When Tiffany chose you to do McKinley's newborn session I just knew the results would be incredible! You have captured just how precious this little girl is. Since the day she was born, she has been wide-eyed and very alert to her surroundings. She is so sweet and content. I hope you will consider doing more newborn photo shoots because you definitely have the "knack"! I am anxiously awaiting to view the rest of the photos!!

    McKinley's Grandma =c) <3

  2. Thank you LaDonna! I truly had a blast taking McKinley's photos!