Monday, August 15, 2011

More Senior Pictures... Golf

My nephew is on the varsity golf team and today was "team picture" day.  I got a call yesterday that went something like this...
(make sure you read the "nephew" parts in a monotone, non-excited voice and my responses really enthusiastically! - smile)

nephew "Aunt Lisa, I have golf team pictures tomorrow"
me "oh, that's great!"
nephew "yeh, well, you said you wanted to take some pictures"
me "sure! sounds great... what time?"
nephew "uh, we have pictures at noon"
me "so that means around 12:30 or 1:00, right"
nephew "uhhhh, I guess so"
me "so I'll see you with your uniform, clubs etc. around 1pm?"
nephew "yeh..."
me "OK, great, I'll see you tomorrow, can't wait!!"
nephew "uh, yeh, thanks"

...that's about as excited as he gets about pictures.  The first thing he asked me today was "will this take as long as the last time?"  That REALLY made me laugh and then I said "no, this will go quicker".  Honestly, he really is a good sport and does everything I ask and I'd like to think that it was "kind of" fun in the end.  I asked him which pictures were his favorites from the 2 previous sessions and he said "the pictures that I'm in"!  What a witty response - I about fell over laughing! Oh, senior boys!  A girl would have had a VERY different answer... as we are way more critical of ourselves I think.  

I'm posting the first 2 edited images below but will add more as I get them finished.  I think he is such a handsome young man.  I keep telling him that GQ is going to be after him for a spread in their magazine!  It's hard to believe that he is all grown up - wasn't it just yesterday that he was an adorable little boy? 

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  1. Lisa ~

    Great pictures once again. I'm pretty sure a conversation with Dalton would go quite the same way...maybe even less. Love looking at all your new creations.