Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Portraits...

Last year my mom wanted a family photo... so I told her "you get everyone here at the same time and I'll do my best to capture us all in a picture".  Believe it or not, everyone showed up.  We did not "coordinate" outfits or colors... there was no big plan, just show up and smile!  Turns out, this isn't a bad way to get a great family photo.  I found out that looking through the lens as the photographer and trying to set up the shot (and BE in the shot) are 2 very different skills!  I set up my tripod, got everything ready on the camera, jumped into the shot and "clicked" my remote... as many times as I could - hoping to get a good shot.  Since I had no idea what it looked liked, I just kept clicking away (hoping there would be some good images in there!).  I learned a lot that day.  For instance, I learned that it is important NOT to zoom in too close to allow for various crops of the photo to various sizes.  I learned that it's hard to feel relaxed in the photo when you are also the photographer.  I learned that my family knows how to have fun during a family photo shoot.  I learned that my family is VERY understanding when, after viewing the first set of shots, I decided we needed to do another set.  Most importantly, I learned that when you photograph a LARGE group of people it is very difficult to get a shot in which every person looks "perfect" (especially if there are children involved - smile).  While I wouldn't say the family photo is the best I've ever taken, I did manage to "capture the moment" of US at that moment in time.  I especially like the second shot... that's the REAL us!  I wonder if my family will be up for a new family photo this Fall?  I hope so!


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