Saturday, August 13, 2011


Normally I am photographing people... but I wanted to play around with the settings on my new lens, and since my husband wasn't willing to be my model (smile), I was stuck with the flowers in the backyard.  I found that flowers are a good subject to "practice" on... they don't move, they look good from all angles (no "bad" side), and they have brilliant colors.  I shot all these photos with the new 50mm lens.  I wanted to try out various f stops and see how close I could get.  I also messed around with the exposure and found that in aperture mode, if I compensate for light, I lose my fast shutter speed - which results in a blurry image since I can't hold camera still when the shudder has a long delay.  I really learned to appreciate the FAST shudder speed available with this lens.  Mainly, I learned that I have to decide what is most important for the shot... if I need the fast shudder speed, I may have to sacrifice light.  Since I know I can fix certain things in photoshop, that will help influence what is most important.  As I've said before, photoshop can't fix a blurry image (darn again!).  I use a variety of actions on these flowers to give them more of an artistic look rather than just a natural look.  I love the glowing colors!

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