Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dalton and Darin Fall Photos

Earlier this year I photographed 2 senior boys.  One is my nephew and the other is a former first grader.  You can see their summer photos here and here.

For our second session, my nephew chose to be photographed at his high school baseball field and my former first grader chose to be photographed in the woods where he hunts.  Both sessions were fun and unique!  My nephew was a good sport while his mom and I bossed him around and had him pose for a variety shots.  My former first grader had me crawling around in the woods, sliding down a muddy bank and walking around in the creek... and enjoying every minute of it!!

Both of these young men are destined for great things in the future!  I hope you enjoying seeing a bit of their personalities in the photos below.  I couldn't be more proud of how each of them has grown up and I wish them luck (although they don't need any luck) as they continue their education after high school!

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