Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Fun Week End 2012

Every October my husband and I celebrate a non-national holiday called Fall Fun Week End.  We pick a location and spend 2 days with my youngest brother, his wife and their 4 kids.  We ALWAYS have a great time and the kids actually think Fall Fun Week End is either an extra holiday or a vacation (even though it's only 2 days).  What I love is the quality time I get with my brother, his wife and, of course, the 2 nieces and 2 nephews!

This year we traveled to Walnut Creek, Ohio to visit THE FARM at Walnut Creek.  If you ever get a chance to visit, it is WELL WORTH the trip.  We plan to go back so we can experience it again on a sleigh ride!!  There are so many amazing animals to see up close... and I mean CLOSE!  We took a wagon ride through the animal area and the animals come running up to the wagon (mainly because they know we have FOOD).  It was incredible to say the least.  There were so many unique animals and we were feeding them, touching them and seeing them FACE TO FACE!!  My favorite was the giraffe.  I have never been so close... and able to reach out and touch one.  Needless to say, I think us adults were just as in awe as the kids.  I snapped a lot of photos but, honestly, it was hard to get a good shot because we were so close to them (and trying to navigate around a crowded wagon pulled by horses isn't the easiest thing to do either - smile).   We felt pretty lucky regarding the weather as well.  Hurricane Sandy was sending Ohio some pretty rainy, gloomy weather but, we had about a 3 hour window when it wasn't actually raining and enjoyed our afternoon at the farm.  I can't wait to see this place in the winter snow!

The 2nd day of our week end was pretty much a wash out.  No worries though, we visited the carousel museum in Mansfield, Ohio and caught a great movie in Ontaria (where the tickets for the first showing are only $1... a GREAT deal for a family of 6, one Aunt and one Uncle!!)  We all splurged on popcorn and soda (which cost more than all our tickets - smile).  As always, it was a memorable week end!

Enjoy the photos!!



My niece lost her tooth the night before we left and was so excited to show us what the tooth fairy left under her pillow...  her little sister was freaked out that the tooth fairy was coming and couldn't sleep in their room though (smile).

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