Sunday, November 6, 2011

Siesel Family Photo Session

If you live in northwest Ohio, you will be able to understand just how AMAZINGLY beautiful it was today!  Blue sky, colorful leaves still clinging to the trees and lots of crunchy ones on the ground, crisp, cool air, sunshine... it was incredible.  ...and lucky me, I had a photo session scheduled at 10am!   

I drove out the Siesel's home just soaking in all the loveliness of the day... When I arrived at their home, it basically took my breath away!  If you have ever watched the movie Robin Hood with Kevin Costner, I want you to think of the last scene of the movie when Robin Hood is marrying Maid Marion... leaves are falling and it is beautiful.  Now, put a lovely house in the middle of the scene and you will sort of have an idea of what it looks like at that Siesel's property.  ...but what really makes this place special are the 7 people who live there!  I have had the extreme pleasure of having 2 of their daughters in my class (last year and this year) and I have enjoyed every minute I've spent with those little girls.  All 5 children are sweet, friendly, polite and a joy to be around.  Of course, you don't have such wonderful children without incredible parents.  I truly enjoyed spending a few hours with them this morning AND I got some GREAT photos!  

You might be thinking taking photos of a family of 7 (with children ranging from baby to jr. high) might be a "challenge" to photograph.  If I hadn't known the Siesels, I might have been a little apprehensive.  However, I KNEW this was an exceptional family and that we would just be having fun... hanging out and taking pictures, and that is exactly what happened.  The littlest one might have a few cracker crumbs on his shirt (smile) or be holding his little toy truck - but isn't that what happens in REAL life?  We often give little ones things to keep them engaged!  So, why not in a family photo?!  I think I managed to edit away any BIG cracker crumbs (smile), but if you look close you may be able to see his little blue toy car that he tossed aside (why do all small children love the game of "I'll throw it and you fetch it"? I guess they have us all trained pretty well - smile!).  

We finished up our photo session with couple shots of the entire family in their Steeler's gear!  Dad even drove the snowmobile (Steeler's colors, of course) over to the location I wanted for the shot... I think we should have called it a leaf-mobile today!  They all look GREAT showing their team spirit!  Maybe the Steelers will want to feature them in one of their publications selling all things Steelers (smile)!  

I am only posting a few photos below as I only have a few edited at this time.  Check back this week as I'll be adding a few more.  

Thanks Siesel Family for an amazing photo session today!


  1. What a beautiful family. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I agree with everything you said in your article. They look so relaxed and happy in each one. Love them and the pictures. I'm Mary's godmother and of course you would expect me to say something nice, but they truly are beautiful pictures.

  2. Thank you Mary! I had such a lovely time taking the photos!