Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun Week End 2011

My youngest brother, his wife, my husband and I have been celebrating an additional holiday each year that we call "Fall Fun Week End".  We started doing this when my brother and his wife were first married and lived a few hours away.  We would get together to enjoy a fun Fall week end.  When they started to have kids, we continued the tradition by visiting pumpkin farms and doing activities the kids would enjoy.  My brother now has 4 children and we all get excited about our Fall Fun Week End trip.  This year we went to Columbus and enjoyed the luxury of a hotel stay (complete with pool time and an evening sitting around a great fire... this place sure knows how to make a Fall night complete - we didn't have to light the fire OR clean up!  Woo Hoo!).  The following day we headed out to enjoy a day at Leed's Farm.  If you want a GREAT place to spend the day in the Fall (for kids of ALL ages... yep, even the "big" kids have a blast) this is the place to be!  For $8 you can zip around a track on peddle tractors, jump on a HUGE rubber "pumpkin jump", slide down through big plastic tubes, ride on a mini zip line (OR climb up and ride on the BIG zip line - yes, all the adults got a thrill out of this... in addition to my 7 year old niece who was brave enough to do it too!), eat pies, kettle corn (I think you can see remnants of this on some of the kids' faces below - smile) and drink hot cider.  Oh... and you can buy a pumpkin too!  This place is fun for all, well organized and safe!  The people working there are happy and helpful... and we were there  on the afternoon of their LAST day!  It was a day of FUN FUN FUN!  I LOVE Fun Fall Week End!  It is definitely one of my favorite holidays!  Maybe this will make YOU want to start a Fall Fun Week End for YOUR family!  Check out some of our fun below in my photos.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Happy Fall!

Now I'm officially ready for SNOW and SKIING! :-)

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