Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walker Family Photo Session

I love October... I was married in Oct., both my brothers were married in Oct., my husband's birthday is in Oct. and my hometown is absolutely breathtaking in Oct.  Today was the "perfect" Fall day!  Crisp and cool in the morning, with bright sun and blue, blue sky... warmer in the afternoon but still cool and crisp.  On days like today, my sister and I used to say we needed to "soak it up" and store a little of the feeling of a Fall day and save it for those dark, winter days when there is very little sunlight.

Today I photographed the Walker family.  I've known this family a long time.  Mom is a colleague of mine and we have been teaching together for over 20 years. All 3 of the children were in my first grade class (lucky me because they are incredible kids!).  I can't believe how grown up they all are... yes, I remember when all of them were born.  In fact, I will NEVER forget when the first child was born!  I was talking to her mom on the phone and she was basically in labor waiting for her husband to come home.  I think I was more freaked out that she was... I couldn't believe how calm she was - like it wasn't a big deal.  Oh my!!  

Fast forward about 17 years and I'm taking this lovely girl's senior pictures.  If you've been following my blog, you have seen her summer pictures.  Today, we shot some Fall pictures and did some with her athletic gear as well.  Her little brother did a GREAT job as my assistant!  I've posted one below, but will add more as I get them finished.

Later in the afternoon I met up with the whole family at a beautiful spot in Bloomville... just down the road from their home.  When we pulled up, I KNEW it was going to be an incredible place to take photos.  There is a huge pond with a suspension bridge across the middle surrounded by a woods.  It was like being in a fairy tale!  I shot lots of photos... and there was definitely a lot of laughing.  Sometimes, the best pictures come from my client's suggestions and today was no different.  The oldest daughter noticed a great reflection in the pond and suggested we get a shot of the family on the bridge with the reflection in the shot.  The photo is below and I LOVE it!  

I hope you enjoy looking at the Walker Family's photos... I had a blast working with them today!!

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