Monday, October 10, 2011

Bridgford Family Photo Session

I normally don't post blog entries 2 days in a row, but this was a week end filed with photos!  I met the Bridgford family at Hedges Boyer park Sat. afternoon for a Family Session.  Now, remember when I was complaining about the lack of sunshine back when I posted the Thomas family photos?  Well, Sat. was FULL of sunshine... maybe I should be careful what I ask for (hmmm).  My favorite time to shoot photos is the morning.  I love the morning light!   If I get to pick the time, this is always what I suggest.  Saturday's session was at 2pm.  I KNEW this was going to be tough with the full sun shining down on everyone creating all kinds of funky shadows and causing the family to squint.  When I arrived at the park and took some test shots, I just resigned myself that I would be editing shadows off of everyone's faces and concentrated on getting great shots of the family.

The Bridgford family arrived with lots of smiles and energy.  Mom is a colleague of mine (teaches the same grade right next door to me!) and the 2 kids are what I call my "fetchers"... yep, they do exactly what you are thinking, they fetch things for me after school.  I can't tell you how much time they have saved me running to the copy machine or printer to pick up things for me!  I call them "fetcher 1" and "fetcher 2" (you know, like Dr. Suess' Thing One and Thing Two - smile) and I absolutely adore both of them!  So, the only family member I was meeting for the first time was Dad.  It was lovely seeing my colleague and her husband together with the kids - they are so obviously a very loving family (and you can see it in the pictures), but they also have a lot of fun together.  There was a lot of laughing, so I got a lot of great photos!  

I am still working on their photos, but I wanted to post a few tonight... before I get busy with my first graders (smile).  They hit the jackpot for Fall colors, but it's the feeling of a close family that I think shines through in the photos!   I hope you enjoy seeing this truly delightful family!!

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