Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kate is One!

Last December, a very dear friend of mine had a baby girl.  This little one was not supposed to arrive until mid-January, but showed up right before the end of December.  Guess she wanted to be a 2010 baby!!  So, a while back, my friend asked if she could hire me to take Kate's one year old photos.  Of course, I said yes... but since I don't feel that I have the right equipment or skills to take indoor photos, I offered to take the photos for Kate's birthday gift.

So, the day after Christmas, these 2 beautiful girls showed up at my house for a little photo shoot.  Kate was absolutely adorable and full of energy.  She certainly kept me on my toes as she she never stopped moving (smile)!  We followed her around just "playing" and I snapped away trying to capture her personality.  In one of the photos below, you can see she is holding a Santa ornament shaped like a bell.  She had so much fun playing with it and rolling it around on the hard wood floor (especially because Christmas ornaments are normally off limits).  We were having such a great time watching her (and I was snapping away) that we didn't think about the possibility of the inevitable... yep, she threw that bell down with authority on the hard wood floor and it shattered.  One year olds are strong and QUICK!  So, now that little photo is all that remains of Santa Bell (smile!).

My favorite is the first photo.  I love the little smile that appeared on her face as she gazed up at her mom (whom she resembles so much!).  Absolutely adorable!

On the technical side of things, I struggled with the lighting throughout the shoot and still have so much to learn about adjusting my camera's settings.   In addition, I am always striving for that super sharp edge and shooting a moving target presents quite a challenge when trying to achieve that.  I definitely learned a lot, but will not be offering indoor shoots any time soon. Of course, when I can do something special for a friend I love, I am willing to accept the challenge.

I hope that little Kate puts a smile on your face.  She is just as sweet and delightful as she looks in the photos!

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