Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Card Photos

My sister in law had asked me a while back to take some photos of my nieces and nephews for the annual Christmas card.  I LOVE taking photos of these kids and they are used to seeing me with my camera... most of time they are AWESOME little photo subjects.  I think it helps that I've been pointing a camera at them since birth... they are pretty comfortable in front of the camera (smile).

Normally, I am just shooting the "moments" as they occur.  The kids are doing their thing and I'm snapping away.  However, this little photo shoot had a specific purpose.  The kiddos had to dress up in their Christmas finery and basically pose for some Christmas-y photos.  They were pretty good sports about it, but trying to get 4 small children to all look at the camera at the same time (and possibly smile naturally - ha!) is quite a challenge.  I normally do not offer to take indoor photos for anyone because I am more of a natural light photographer and I'm much better at taking outdoor shots.  ...but I'll do ANYTHING for those nieces and nephews and my family.  So, there I was, IN the house, taking Christmas card photos.  Yes, the lighting was a HUGE challenge and the littlest one had her OWN ideas about how this was all going to go down, but in the end, I think we got some great pictures.  I especially LOVE the one of them lying in front of the fireplace (their idea) because I have a very similar photo of me and my siblings lying in front of our Christmas tree when we were little.  I added some snow to one of the photos just for fun (a freebie on a photography website that I wanted to try out) and that picture was the oldest nephew's favorite.

When I look at these photos, I am reminded of all the fun my family had at Christmas time when I was their age.  It's such a special time... Santa, the excitement, the magic!  When my nieces and nephews are all grown up, I hope these photos will bring back the magical feeling of  childhood Christmas!

Check out my fake snow! 

This is totally staged!  I told them to act "annoyed"... and they were cracking me up!  
I like this one as much as the smiley ones!
Title:   "Are we done yet?"


  1. I had great time watching over the photos of the kids. Especially the cute pretty girl. Hope you can take a solo photo of her too. Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Robin for your nice comment!