Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's a Christmas Party!

I've been throwing a holiday party to "kick off" the Christmas season for my family every year since I moved into my own apartment (which would be about 20+ years ago!).  When I started this tradition, I squeezed everyone into the tiny living room in my apartment.  They were good sports and it was always FUN!  One year my Grandmother (who lived to be 100 years old!) brought us all these little envelopes filled with pictures we had given her as children... and a "glow in the dark" rosary.  She was always doing cute things like that and I miss her!

So, the party tradition continues...  we have gifts for the nieces and nephews, door prizes for the adults (this year I bought gift certificates to 3 local businesses - I like to support our local small businesses as much as I can! - check out Reinos Pizza, The Tiffin Bake Shop and Rosie's!), food and drinks and a game /activity for the kiddies.  We always have a wonderful time and the kids provide lots of entertainment!

It's a fun way for all of us to get into the holiday spirit and I'm sure we'll continue the tradition for many more years to come.  I'm posting some photos from our celebration below.  I hope you enjoy the images and maybe, they'll remind YOU of your own holiday traditions!

If you want to view without the blog distractions, just click one photo and you can view as a slideshow.

PS - Today I photographed some on my nieces and nephews for their family Christmas card... I'll be blogging and posting some photos later this week, so check back if you are interested!

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