Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chapman Family

Oh my goodness, my FIRST class of first graders is all grown up and now have children that may be in my class next year!!  I know that should make me feel old, but honestly, it just  makes me feel proud and happy that they have become wonderful, successful adults.

Jessica was a first grader in my VERY first group of first graders.  This year I'm finishing up my 24th year of teaching first grade, so I guess it was inevitable that I would start seeing children from my former students.

I was thrilled when Jessica contacted me to take her family photos.  Seeing her with her family made it obvious that she is happy and an amazing mother... and has found true love with her husband.  Nothing could make me more proud and happy of my former student.  ...and though she is all grown up, I can still see the tiny, beautiful, very quiet little girl who stepped into my classroom many years ago.

We decided to have our session at the park in Tiffin and it turned out to be a beautiful morning!  We hung out at the park for about an hour and got some great shots.  The little boys were adorable and anxious to help me out by carrying stools and helping to make someone smile.   Even her sweet little 11 month old baby girl was just perfect.  This is a such a close knit, loving family and it's easy to see that in their photos!

I hope the Chapman family photos put a smile on your face... I know they did for me!!

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