Monday, September 3, 2012

Rachel & Sarah's Senior Pictures

Well, I'm officially IN LOVE with my new lens!  The 85mm is AMAZING and allows me to capture dreamy colors and backgrounds.  I still have good feelings for the 50mm and "won't leave home without it", but that 85mm is incredible!  I had the pleasure of photographing two gorgeous senior girls with my new camera and lens (I got the Nikon d7000 at the same time as the 85mm lens).

The girls are twins and I had the pleasure of teaching one of them in first grade.  They have both grown up into mature, sweet and kind young women.  When I arrived at their grandparent's farm for our shoot, I found them excited and full of ideas!   Woo hoo!  I LOVE when my clients have ideas and want to use their own creativity... it always makes for a fun shoot and pictures that reflect their personalities!  Everywhere I looked, there was an interesting spot for shooting photos.  This place was a photographer's dream location!!

The girls were a pure delight to photograph.   They were both completely relaxed and natural.  They even told jokes to keep things light and fun.  They were up for anything (even leaning on a wall with spider webs - smile).  I could have photographed them for HOURS... but unfortunately, we just ran out of light. And... as I snapped that last few photos, raindrops started to fall.

I know you will fall in love with these girls after viewing the photos below.  They are still the delightful little girls I knew long ago, but now, they are also incredible young women!

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