Thursday, January 26, 2012

A "snow day" and some valentines...

Today is the first "snow day" of the school year... and yet, there is no snow to be found.  The 2 hour delay that turned into a cancellation was due to freezing rain and icy roads.  It's lovely to get a surprise free day, but I am so missing the wonderful snow we had last winter.  A snow day should include SNOW!

So, I decided to share some "snowy" pictures I took last week end when my husband and I woke up to wonderful, white, fluffy snow covering our neighborhood!   I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos while he shoveled.   I am much better with the camera than I am with the shovel (see the silly photo below)!  I was playing around with an action that I got from Rita at the Coffee Shop Blog called "teeny tiny world".  This fun little action gives the illusion that the item in focus is actually a miniature... like little toys.  I don't think I had the perfect picture to use the action on, but I liked how it turned out (I used it on the photo of myself and the one of my husband on the porch).  Hopefully, winter is going to make a comeback next week!  I'm hopeful... 

The other photos below are sheets of valentine's I created for my nieces and nephews.  I thought it would be fun for them to be able to share a little photo of themselves instead of giving the traditional paper valentine.   They were fun to make and the kids gave their approval... although the older 2 had requests for different photos than the ones I originally included which I was happy to fix.  While I think they are adorable in EVERY photo (yes, I'm biased), I know they have their own opinions about which photos show off their personalities the best.  

I'm happy to make something special for them to share on Valentine's Day!  

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