Saturday, January 14, 2012

The first REAL snow... it's about TIME!

I woke up this morning to our first REAL snowfall... enough to cover the ground in lovely, whiteness!  I couldn't wait to get out there and snap a few photos.  I shoved my feet into some outdoor slippers and ran out to get a few photos (thank goodness no neighbors were out and about as I was still in my pajamas - smile).  The snow continued most of the day and it FINALLY looks like winter.  My husband and I are excited because this means better skiing conditions as well.  ...although, he isn't excited about shoveling (I did manage to get him to look up and smile while he cleaned off the driveway).

Later in the afternoon I took a walk around the neighborhood and snapped away.  My husband knows where I like to walk and caught up with me (hence, the pictures of him walking up the street).  He let me snap a few photos of him and offered to take one of me as well.

I'm so happy that winter has finally arrived.

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