Thursday, April 4, 2013

Winter 2013

Is winter 2013 really coming to an end?  I know that most people are cheering the arrival of spring... but not me.  Ever since my husband and I started skiing, I LOVE winter!  Every week end feels like a little mini vacation and I'm missing it already - sigh.

Over the past 3 months I've taken a variety of family photos.  Birthday parties, dance competitions, Easter, a ski trip...  and haven't had a chance to blog until now.

The photos below are just a some random images from winter 2013!  I hope you enjoy them.  I'm looking forward to MORE snow next winter!!

My husband and I after a day of skiing at Holimont in Ellicottville, NY.     BLISS!

My beloved K2 skis... I call them my "magic skis" because I had the most amazing day on the slopes the first time I wore them.  I got them as demos (but I was the only person to demo them so they were actually BRAND NEW) for half price!  What a deal!!  LOVE MY SKIS!

My nephew's birthday celebration!  Can he really be 7 years old already!  Isn't he adorable?!!!

My youngest niece - check out the hair bow, she LOVES to accessorize.  In fact, she sometimes wears MANY, MANY accessories! (smile)  Gotta love a girl with her own sense of style!!

The nieces and nephews ready to hunt for Easter Eggs!

Wow, everyone is looking at me AND smiling... I don't know how I managed to get this shot!

This shows my brother and his family last year compared to this year.  I wanted to see how the kids had changed (but I can also see how my photography skills have changed... oh my, a new camera and a year's experience make a HUGE difference)!

Another brother and his family... my niece and nephew are all grown up!  Yikes, how did that happen so fast!?

My lovely niece in her dance costume.  She is an amazing dancer!!

More nieces... having a silly photo shoot with me on Easter!  (all dressed up in their Buckeye gear so they could cheer for the basketball team that night)

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  1. Lisa,

    I found you through Teacher Pay Teacher. I gave a shout out to one of your products on my blog tonight. I love you products but I'm more in love with your photography. I am a photo bug myself but not as polished as you. I have a great SLR camera, flash, and several lenses but seem to have become destracted making things for my classroom and not practicing my techniques. Your blog makes me want to pursue that dream. Would love to chat sometime. If you ever have time my e-mail is