Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kate is Eight!

My niece turned eight this past week and she celebrated with lots of family and friends.  Kate has her OWN sense of style and it shows.  She is confident and isn't afraid to express herself.  This was completely evident when she plugged in her new speaker/microphone system and belted out some tunes!  I love watching her open gifts... she has the best reactions.  Whether it's a card with her picture on the front, a new pair of jeans or a big, old speaker for her iPod, she is completely THRILLED and you can SEE it on her face.  ...and of course, there are party games for all the kids.  One game required all the kids to wrap each other with a roll of toilet paper.  Another game had them squirting whipped cream into a partner's cup (being held in the partner's teeth).  Needless to say, there were a lot of sticky faces at the end of that one!

I'll keep this short as it's late and I should be sleeping... sometimes there just aren't enough minutes in the day! (smile)

I think Kate turning Eight is just Great!

me with Kate

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  1. Pictures are really great, Lisa. So blessed with all of my fantastic grandchildren and our family!!!!!