Monday, February 20, 2012

It is Winter somewhere...

Where is Winter???  I've been asking this question for about 2 months now!!  While we have had a few short blasts of snow, it hasn't been sticking around much.  In fact, after it arrives, the temperature seems to shoot up into the 40's and all that lovely snow melts away.

Thank goodness for snow making machines!!!  We purchased season passes to Snow Trails in Mansfield and they have done a GREAT job of keeping snow on the hills.  So, when Winter is nowhere to be found, we can go to Snow Trails and "pretend" it's Winter.  :-)

Yesterday was FABULOUS!!  We were thinking that the conditions would be pretty crummy, but instead, the snow was FAST FAST FAST!!  We enjoyed about 3 hours of great conditions and the sunshine made it even better.  I quit a bit before my husband so I could grab my camera and capture a few pictures.  Let me tell you... those hills are STEEP!!  When you are walking up instead of riding the lift or skiing down, you can really feel the pitch of the hill! Yikes!   I managed to stay upright and caught a few great photos of my husband racing down the  hill!

Maybe all this warm weather means we'll be having Winter in March and April??  I can only hope...   !!

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